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Twin Atlantic showcase the new visuals for 'Asynchronous'

After an incredible 2020, which saw the Scottish trio release their highly-praised album 'Power', Twin Atlantic have now returned to share the video for one of the record's stand out offerings 'Asynchronous'.

As an entirely instrumental cut, 'Asynchronous' shows us more of the band's humbled and solemn intentions. Using little more than piano and lightly-crafted strings, the new video elevates and layers the original single with a warm and atmospheric tone.

Speaking of the video, lead singer Sam McTrusty said, "We’ve always had inspiration from still and moving images to influence our work. We’ve dreamt of maybe one day getting to work on soundtracks and to have our dear friend Nick suggest doing that retrospectively for us felt like a great idea. We love the emotion he’s captured and these fleeting moments in relationships are something we have always focused on in our writing, so there’s a real synergy in creative outlook between us."

While director Nick Afchain added, "One afternoon in May, I had Asynchronous on an endless loop. The music is so melancholic and timeless, it made me think abstractly about how all relationships can be viewed as cyclical. The constant repetition of happiness, dissolving into hardship and back again to happiness - and that is if you have good one!"

Watch the new video for 'Asynchronous' below.


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