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Trey Ewald - 'All My Friends Are Getting Married'

Photo: Ana Rodriguez

Having remained largely silent since the release of his breakthrough debut single 'Electricity' back in 2018, LA-based artist Trey Ewald has now made his long-awaited return with his vibrant new offering 'All My Friends Are Getting Married'.

Channelling a heady mix of bouncing pop aesthetics with a synthwave groove running throughout, 'All My Friends Are Getting Married' makes for a wonderfully fresh and fun listen. With its light yet energetic feel and his own distinctly alluring voice at the helm, his four-year absence was certainly worth the wait.

Despite this only being his second release to date, there is something brilliantly enjoyable about 'All My Friends Are Getting Married'. With a strong and driven approach to the production, we hope that he doesn't wait this long again to release something this enticing.


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