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Trapt - 'The Fall (Teaser 2)'

Throughout their illustrious tenure these last few decades, US alt-rock outfit Trapt have cemented themselves as one of the more passionate names on the scene. With a flurry of impactful offerings delivered over the years, their legacy so far has been a wildly revered one to say the least. And with their hotly-tipped new album 'The Fall' set to drop at the end of May, they preview their next LP with 'The Fall (Teaser 2)', an EP that highlights those enigmatic intentions of late.

Much like what their material has shown us over the years, 'The Fall (Teaser 2)' blends driven guitar hooks with a more emotive nature throughout. Opening up with the beautifully heartfelt 'Halo', the band quickly move through a string of warm and inviting anthems that build upon those enigmatic foundations they are best known for.

While it may only be a small portion of a wider release to come, 'The Fall (Teaser 2)' certainly makes for a powerfully captivating listen in its own right. Brimming with these broad and euphoric textures that elevate their progressive songwriting at every turn, this upcoming album has quickly become one of the more anticipated releases for the year ahead.


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