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TIOGA - 'I Put My Head'

Photo: Dylan Eddinger

Following on from the release of their stunning EP 'Bad Things And Imaginary Friends' last year, as well as their recent comeback anthem 'Undercurrents', Philadelphia-based outfit TIOGA are back once again for their first new effort of 2022, 'I Put My Head'.

Continuing to explore the rich and vibrant side of the indie-rock sound, 'I Put My Head' showcases the group in one of their most romantic and heartfelt guises yet. With its rich and sweeping textures, layered perfectly with some beautifully hypnotic group vocals, this new release will wash over you and leave you feeling rejuvenated throughout.

While the band have been slowing churning out some magnificent offerings throughout the last few years, it feels like this new year spells the start of something very special for TIOGA. They have this bright and shimmering confidence within their work that leaves us feeling assured that their best is still yet to come.


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