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The West Order - 'Girl Without A Name'

Photo: Callum Gibbs

After introducing themselves with their much-loved debut single 'Falling Down' last year, Paisley-based outfit The West Order are back once again to offer up their soaring sophomore offering 'Girl Without A Name'.

Lifted from their eagerly-awaited debut EP 'All Is Mine', which is set to arrive soon, 'Girl Without A Name' makes for a brilliantly engaging listen. With its warm and effervescent textures, euphoric atmosphere, and shimmering vocals layered throughout, they are continuing their rise as one of the more captivating names doing the rounds right now.

While it may only be their second piece of new material to date, 'Girl Without A Name' shows that they are brimming with fresh and exciting ideas just waiting to be explored. With such a bright and dynamic approach to their sound already, we can't wait to hear what this new EP has in store for us as well.


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