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The UNCRTN - 'Forget About Me'

Following on from a string of fresh and vibrant releases throughout the last year, New York-based trio The UNCRTN return with their explosive new single 'Forget About Me'.

Accompanied by a stunning new video, directed by Christian Lawrence, 'Forget About Me' continues the band's raw and emotionally-charged approach to the alt-rock sound. With its bold and blistering hooks layered against some brilliantly endearing vocals throughout, this lot are showcasing some of their most captivating work to date here.

Speaking about the new offering, bassist Tyler Magrone said, “It’s basically a song about getting away from stuff that brings you down and tries to change who you are as a person. A reflective moment in life when you realize you have stopped connecting with the group of people/friends you have grown up with. That you want no part of the same ideals, thoughts or viewpoints that people close to you have. So you just have to get away from all that toxicity, whether it’s physically or metaphorically.”

While the group have been steadily building a reputation for enigmatic offerings these last few months, there is something very special about 'Forget About Me'. With its driven approach to both songwriting and production throughout, we can't wait to hear what they come back with next.


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