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The Trusted - 'Arkansas'

After churning out a bold and enticing array of delights over the last few years, Southend-On-Sea-based outfit The Trusted return to their enigmatic ways on the beautifully sweeping new single 'Arkansas'.

Channelling a warm and effervescent indie-rock direction from start to finish, 'Arkansas' makes for a wonderfully rich and vibrant delivery from the group. Filled with a sweet and alluring atmosphere, soaring textures, and some beautifully humbled vocals at the helm, these guys are setting themselves up for big things ahead with this one.

Speaking about the new offering, frontman Tom Cunningham said, “I remember, I had these beautiful peaceful shots of Arkansas in front of me. It was a stressful time, and I came up the concept of a character who wanted to escape to a place like Arkansas after being betrayed and let down by the powers that be.”

Despite such a varied flurry of cuts under their belt to date, 'Arkansas' really stands out as something very special within their catalogue so far. With such a refreshing and passionate approach to songwriting, we can't wait to hear what they come back with next.


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