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The Pigeon Detectives return with new single 'Lovers Come And Lovers Go'

Photo: Barnaby Fairley

Having not released any new material since their 2016 full-length 'Broken Glances', The Pigeon Detectives are now back to share their brand new single 'Lovers Come And Lovers Go'.

The new track marks their first piece of new material in seven years, and was produced by Rich Turvey (Blossoms, The Coral, Oscar Lang).

Speaking about the new offering, they said, "This song encapsulates the raw energy and catchiness The Pigeon Detectives have built our reputation on, whilst evolving our sound to reflect where we are as people at this stage in our lives. It's a celebration of everything the band were, are and hope to be in the future. Above all it's a total banger that is guaranteed to get many a festival crowd bouncing like they've never bounced before!"


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