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The Landed - 'You'll Be OK (For Vanessa)'

Having already established themselves as a fresh and inviting name on the scene thanks to a flurry of engaging singles these last few years, Colchester-based outfit The Landed are back at it once again as they offer up their captivating new release 'You'll Be OK (For Vanessa)'.

Opting for a sweet and dreamy approach to their driven indie-rock direction this time around, 'You'll Be OK (For Vanessa)' makes for a brilliantly rousing listen. With its warm and humble aesthetic, matched with some beautifully heartfelt vocals, their newest gem is another firm and shimmering addition to their ever-growing catalogue so far.

Despite such a extensive run of delights under their belt already, 'You'll Be OK (For Vanessa)' still manages to find something new and interesting in which to explore. With such a strong and confident approach to their songwriting and production, they are definitely ones worth keeping a firm eye on for the future.


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