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The Heroic Enthusiasts - 'Tears Run Rings'

After recently unveiling their vibrant cover of The Pet Shops unmistakable classic 'It's A Sin' earlier this year, US duo The Heroic Enthusiasts team up with legendary producer Stephen Hague once again to deliver their rendition of the Soft Cell/Marc Almond track 'Tears Run Rings'.

Originally released back in 1981, their new revision conjures a wonderfully broad and immersive direction that reinvents it for the modern times. Keeping the same warm and emotive nature and combining it with a euphoric production throughout, they are continuing their ascent as one of the more dynamic names on the rise right now.

While their pursuit of 80s-inspired aesthetics has certainly brought them huge acclaim of late, 'Tears Run Rings' shows that they are still able to reflect their own distinctive ideals throughout. Brimming with bright and tantalising textures, we can't wait to hear what else they have up their sleeve next.


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