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The Coral announce new albums 'Sea Of Mirrors' and 'Holy Joe’s Coral Island Medicine Show'

Following on from their much-loved 2021 double LP 'Coral Island', The Coral have now announced their plans for two new albums 'Sea Of Mirrors' and 'Holy Joe’s Coral Island Medicine Show', which are set to be released on the 8th September via Run On Records in assoc. with Modern Sky UK.

The new full-lengths were the last two records recorded at the Parr Street Studios, a long-term home to The Coral and numerous other bands from inside and outside Liverpool prior to its closure last year, and are being previewed by the new lead single 'Wild Bird'.

Speaking about 'Wild Bird', the band's James Skelly said, “Like most of The Coral’s best known songs you could pick out, it was written in about five minutes. Once the album concept was clear, this was us imagining the theme tune for an Italian western directed by Fellini with a Richard Yates-written script. It’s us asking ourselves: what would have happened if Lee Hazlewood had produced a Gene Pitney song written by Townes Van Zandt?”

Check out the new James Slater-directed video for 'Wild Bird' below.


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