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Templemind - 'Union Divine'

Having already cemented himself as a creative mastermind, visionary and multi-platinum songwriter over the last few years, emerging artist Philipp Schardt aka Templemind is now looking to bring forth his newest project with the blistering debut single 'Union Divine'.

Co-written alongside Shani Lehrer, 'Union Divine' sees the artist deliver a brilliantly bold and powerful initial offering. Unleashing a broad and cacophonous array of thunderous alt-rock production and soaring orchestral textures, this new effort certainly sees him introduce himself with sheer venom and emotional intent.

Speaking about the new release, he said, “In the two decades of writing and producing music for many artists, I kept seeking the songs that my soul needed to hear and sing to really heal. So I now hope that this first release and all upcoming songs will speak to other souls, minds, and hearts out there and help them find their way home.”

He may have only just started this new project, but it is clear that we will be hearing a lot more from what Templemind has to offer in the near future as well.

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