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Tally Koren - 'Hallelujah (72 Names)'

Photo: Rupert Truman

After cementing herself with a flurry of fresh and captivating gems these last few years, London-based artist Tally Koren recently returned to deliver her rich and sprawling new effort 'Hallelujah (72 Names)'.

Continuing her pursuit of broad and atmospheric textures, all wrapped up in a dynamic pop direction, 'Hallelujah (72 Names)' makes for a wonderfully impactful listen. With her bold and euphoric voice layered amongst a bed of shimmering electronics and pulsing trip-hop-inspired beats, her latest endeavour sees her shine like never before.

Featuring additional vocals from London-based gospel choir Vocally Sound, 'Hallelujah (72 Names)' is one of those rare releases that you don't forget about in a hurry. Despite such a wide and eclectic array of singles under her belt already, something about this new offering really stands out above the rest of her catalogue to date.

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