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Sweet Imperfections - 'Be Brave'

Photo: Xavier Bailey

After impressing so many with her highly-praised effort 'Wings' in recent months, San Diego-based artist Sweet Imperfections is back to her glittering best as she offers up her sweeping new single 'Be Brave'.

Conjuring another heady mix of soaring aesthetic and shimmering alt-pop textures from start to finish, 'Be Brave' makes for another vibrant entry within her ever-growing catalogue. Filled with bold and euphoric energy, a soaring atmosphere, and her own mesmerising voice layered throughout, she is continuing to cement herself as a remarkable addition to today's new music scene.

While 'Wings' certainly brought her to our radar, 'Be Brave' sees her grow even more comfortable within her formative guise. Channelling bright and heartfelt ideals throughout, we can't wait to hear where this captivating journey will take her next.

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