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Sunset Surrender - 'Lies, Lies, Lies!'

After dazzling so many with his stunning debut album 'Lives Like The City' last year, Italian artist Sunset Surrender is now returning for 2023 to deliver his euphoric new effort 'Lies, Lies, Lies!'

Capturing more of that broad and driven post-punk-inspired aesthetic he has built for himself these last few years, 'Lies, Lies Lies!' makes for a rousing return for the artist at the helm. With its rich and immersive textures perfectly complimenting his haunted vocal performance from start to finish, he is returning for this year with one of his most impactful cuts to date here.

While these last few years have certainly been a busy period for him, 'Lies, Lies, Lies!' shows that he still has plenty of fresh and exciting ideas in which to explore. With such a confident grasp over his direction throughout, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take him next.


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