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Sugar Nova - 'I Wouldn't Worry'

Photo: From The Hip Photography

After establishing themselves with a flurry of rich and enticing delights throughout last year, including 'Tiny Helicopters', 'Gospel Hour (2AM)', and 'Send Me Higher', Denver-based duo Sugar Nova return for 2023 to deliver their shimmering new effort 'I Wouldn't Worry'.

Conjuring more of that smooth and alluring approach to electro-pop they are quickly earning a reputation for, 'I Wouldn't Worry' makes for a wonderfully warm and embracing listen. With its supple textures, breezy atmosphere, and vibrant vocals layered throughout, they are continuing to cement themselves as one of the more glittering names on the rise right now.

Although last year certainly kicked started their direction so far, 'I Wouldn't Worry' shows that they still have plenty of fresh and intoxicating ideas in which to explore. With such a firm and ambitious grasp over their sound, it feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more from them in the months to come as well.


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