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Sugar Nova - 'Gospel Hour (2AM)'

Photo: From The Hip

After breaking through with their stunning debut single 'Send Me Higher' earlier this year, emerging duo Sugar Nova are back at it once again as they deliver their bouncing new effort 'Gospel Hour (2AM)'.

Lifted from their forthcoming debut album 'Halogen', which is set to arrive next year, 'Gospel Hour (2AM)' brings back more of that rich and luxurious alt-pop direction they are cultivating for themselves. With a warm and inviting atmosphere measured against some wonderfully alluring vocals, they are setting themselves up as one of the more shimmering names on the rise right now.

While their journey has only just begun, Sugar Nova are showcasing a prowess and confidence far beyond their years. With such a strong and adventurous approach to their sound, we can't wait to hear what this new full-length has in store for us as well.

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