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Steven Malcolm - 'Nothing Into Something'

After recently delivering his highly-praised new album 'BOATS' earlier this year, Michigan-based rapper Steven Malcolm is now looking to continue the support for his latest LP with the vibrant new video for the hit single 'Nothing Into Something'.

Honing more of that fresh and dynamic hip-hop energy he has been cultivating these last few years, 'Nothing Into Something' stands as one of the more passionate entries on his recent LP. With its new visuals heightening the vibrant aesthetic he has been developing of late, this new release continues to cement him as a true innovator doing the rounds right now.

While his latest full-length certainly brought plenty of praise and attention his way, 'Nothing Into Something' really stands out within his ever-evolving catalogue of late. With such an intriguing approach to his sound and production throughout, we can't wait to hear what else he has planned for us next.


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