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Stefan Dando - 'Loser Anatomy'

Photo: Frida Fang

After cementing himself with his breakthrough debut single 'Love Doesn't Need Me' earlier this year, London-based newcomer Stefan Dando is looking to continue his upward ascent as he drops the vibrant new effort 'Loser Anatomy'.

Channelling more of that rich and uplifting pop-rock energy he is building for himself, 'Loser Anatomy' makes for a wonderfully fresh and inviting listen. Filled with bright and joyous textures, a soaring atmosphere, and his own shimmering vocals layered throughout, he is setting himself up as one of the more passionate names on the rise right now.

While his journey has only just begun, 'Loser Anatomy' showcases a strong and confident direction within his songwriting already. Wearing his heart and emotions very much on his sleeve, we can't wait to hear what he comes back with next.


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