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Son Savage - 'Just Keep Dancing'

Photo: Christian Abi Faysal

After tearing up the international scene with a wealth of gems over the last few months, Dubai-based Lebanese artist Son Savage returns once again with his song for the summer, 'Just Keep Dancing'.

Having already topped the international charts on Anghami in Jordan, Morocco, Palestine, Oman, Syria, Algeria, Tunisia, Bahrain, Sudan, and Libya, 'Just Keep Dancing' is one of those immediate earworms you won't forget in a hurry. With its bright and upbeat demeanour and catchy hooks throughout, this one will having you pumping your fists and shaking your hips from start to finish.

While he is clearly making a serious impact right now, it feels like 'Just Keep Dancing' will be the one that makes himself the renowned star he deserves to be. Adding a fresh and inventive feel to the commercial pop scene, we can't wait to hear where he takes us next.


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