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slowthai - 'TYRON'

To say that slowthai has been a contentious character over the years might be a bit of an understatement. After a string of high-profile controversies and landing himself in serious hot water by acting violent and unsettling at the NME Awards in 2019, it almost felt like this bright and exciting up-and-comer was about to have his career cut short. But after some months to let the dust settle, he began to turn the tables on his critics and confront his actions in a way that made him seem more human and vulnerable than we originally thought. Now he returns with his sophomore album 'TYRON', a record that aims to show exactly the kind of person he is.

While politics and social struggles showed a strong influence behind his debut LP 'Nothing Great About Britain', this new collection is more about the inner demons that outside forces manifest within all of us. Rather than simply shine a light on the source of many of today's problems, 'TYRON' is more about the human effect of living within that environment, shining a mirror on us all in way. Although it does look to be more provocative than its predecessor, its main highlight is the two sides to its journey. While the first half powers on with uncompromising aggression and vitriol, its latter offerings see him in a more reflect direction, signalling to us all that we aren't just one thing but multifaceted individuals who have more than one personality or trait.

It certainly does feel that slowthai is looking to put his past behind him, both creatively and personally. His newest material already sees him in a far more matured and reflective light, offering up some of his most engaging singles to date and showing genuine retribution to a man he now feels no longer represents him.


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