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Sinikka Monte - 'Dead End'

Photo: @endorphinaa

After spending the last few years churning out a fresh and captivating array of gems, Austrian artist Sinikka Monte is back to her glittering best as she drops her progressive new single 'Dead End'.

Channelling another heady dose of bold and atmospheric alt-pop aesthetics throughout, 'Dead End' makes for a brilliantly haunted listen. With her rich and spellbinding vocal performance riding a bed of blistering production from start to finish, she is certainly cementing herself as one of the more alluring names arriving on the scene right now.

While she has already built up enormous notoriety for her releases of late, 'Dead End' sees her take the next step forward within her musical evolution. With a strong and confident approach to het direction, she is definitely one worth keeping a firm eye on for the future.


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