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Sigrid returns with new single 'The Hype'

Photo: Petros

After her highly-praised sophomore LP 'How To Let Go' last year, Sigrid is now back once again to share her brand new single 'The Hype'.

The new track marks her first piece of new material so far this year, and was co-produced alongside longtime collaborator Askjell, earning her her first production credit to date.

Speaking about the new offering, she said, “We’ve all been there, when you wonder if you’ve lived up to the expectations. I thought about the term Hype, in love and at work, and the questions you ask yourself of did you really live up to the hype.

"So I wrote a song about it! With my artist job, I’ve sometimes felt that I’ve tried to live up to myself in a way - but a version of myself that looks like me, but cooler, more confident and touring the world. I’ve probably brought that into my private life, and all those things is what Hype is about. We’ve wrapped it in ethereal melodies and bass, synth and drum heavy production, but I love how there’s so much strength in my vocals - there’s power in being vulnerable!”

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