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Sharl - 'I Fell In Love'

After delighting us with a broad and varied array of gems over the last few months, Melbourne-based artist Sharl has now returned once again to unveil her beautifully vivid new single 'I Fell In Love'.

Lifted from her newly released studio album 'City Lights', which is available to stream now, 'I Fell In Love' makes for a wonderfully bold and vibrant return. Filled with warm and effervescent textures, a soaring atmosphere, and her own mesmerising voice at the helm, she is certainly looking to pull on our heartstrings with this one.

Despite such a proficient flurry of releases under her belt already, 'I Fell In Love' really stands out within her repertoire to date. With such a strong flair for emotive songwriting and dynamic production throughout, we can definitely expect to hear a lot more from her in the years ahead.


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