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Shame - 'Drunk Tank Pink'

It has been a slow and arduous journey for London-based outfit Shame over the last few years, but after numerous festival shows and a run of praise behind them, they have now made it into the musical lexicon of the British public, quickly becoming the favourite new band of many. And now with that buzz effectively spurring them on, they now return with their sophomore full-length 'Drunk Tank Pink'.

The band's 2018 debut 'Songs Of Praise' was one of those slow burners for many. After releasing it to little fanfare, the record grew in popularity as the months went by. But with 'Drunk Tank Pink', it feels like the band are already looking to reinvent themselves in places. While their original material was focusing on the blistering pace and energy of the punk sound, this follow-up already shows a more matured angle. Swapping out anger and fury for a more melodic and persuasive avenue, its almost as if they are ready to break out of their niche shell and adopt a wider and more accepting audience.

It may not have the same bite that we loved from their debut album, but 'Drunk Tank Pink' is still a strong and enjoyable collection from start to finish. Shame seem to be moving at a speed that no-one can quite keep up with, and will probably be shifting gears once again in the near future.


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