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Shab x Fat Joe - 'Voodoo'

After the original anthem 'Lean Back' stormed onto the scene and across the charts back almost two decades ago, Fat Joe now teams up with Persian-American artist Shab to reinvent the classic with their new collaboration 'Voodoo'.

Bringing back the same rich and bouncing flavours as the original offering, 'Voodoo' makes for a brilliantly fun and hip-shaking listen. With each artist adding their own distinctive flair to the new outing, this new one will have you up and out of your seat in no time.

While 'Lean Back' certainly made a lasting mark on the mainstream when it first released, 'Voodoo' sees them continue its legacy in fine form. With such a fresh and passionate approach to production and sound, Shab and Fat Joe are proving an unstoppable pairing throughout this one.

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