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Saticöy - 'Crack A Smile' EP

Having cemented themselves with a flurry of fresh and exciting singles these last few months, arriving in the wake of their impressive self-titled studio album last year, LA-based outfit Saticöy are back once again to deliver their newest EP 'Crack A Smile'.

Featuring the previously shared title-track, which we have been playing on repeat ever since it dropped, this new collection aims to unveil more of their rich and dynamic pop-rock sound. While tracks like 'Star Sign' see them take on a more alt-rock agenda, and 'Nice & Easy' focuses on their more soulful aesthetics, 'Crack A Smile' brings out their adventurous and eclectic dynamic throughout.

What has been most enjoyable about 'Crack A Smile' has been Saticöy's approach to their diverse influences. Not ones to find themselves bogged down in a specific ideal or identity, they have this carefree approach to their sound, which has allowed them to explore a multitude of directions and give us a truly enjoyable and inventive release from start to finish.


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