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Saticöy - 'Crack A Smile'

Photo: Alex Sotak & DeMarko Giancarlo

Following on from a flurry of bright and impressive offerings over the last few months, LA-based outfit Saticöy return once again to deliver their vibrant new effort 'Crack A Smile'.

Continuing that bold and shimmering pop-rock sound they have cultivated for themselves, 'Crack A Smile' is a warm and enticing return to form for the group. As the title-track for their new EP, which is set to arrive very soon, they have set themselves up as a wildly ambitious and enjoyable entity emerging right now.

Developing a strong and devout grasp of their sound already, Saticöy are quickly becoming one of the standout names on the new music scene of late. With a light and airy direction that merges R&B, pop, and rock influences, expect to hear a lot more from these guys in the near future.


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