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Sano Hill - 'CircleWalk'

Photo: EL Putnam

After spending the last few months unveiling a fresh and enticing array of delights, which have included 'The Climb' and 'Starting Over', emerging Irish singer and songwriter Sano Hill returns once again with his latest vibrant gem, 'CircleWalk'.

Lifted from his forthcoming studio album, which is set to arrive soon, 'CircleWalk' continues his pursuit of broad and heartfelt indie-rock croons. Bringing back more of that rich and dynamic direction he has cultivated for himself, his newest release offers another heady dose of sweeping textures and soaring atmosphere that we simply can't get enough of.

While these new offerings mark the earliest beginnings for the fast-rising talent, Sano Hill is certainly cementing himself as a visionary name on the scene right now. With a strong and driven grasp over his songwriting, we can definitely expect big things from him on the horizon.


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