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SamSeb Kierkegaard - 'Luna: Fantasy Named Happiness' EP

Photo: Claude Ando

Having spent the last few months unveiling flurry of broad and inventive cuts, emerging artist SamSeb Kierkegaard has now delivered the long-awaited new EP 'Luna: Fantasy Named Happiness'.

Channelling his broad and adventurous approach to the alt-rock sound, this new four-track collection makes for a bold and euphoric listen. Jam-packed with raw and heartfelt tones, a soaring atmosphere, and his own passionate vocals running the length of this new release, he has developed a sound that really brings power and gusto to the scene.

Throughout the singles released so far, it was clear that SamSeb Kierkegaard was onto something very special. And with the unveiling of 'Luna: Fantasy Named Happiness', we finally get to appreciate his work in its full glory. Anthemic and thunderous from start to finish, he certainly has a strong grasp of his sound so far.

Listen to the EP in full below, and also find the newly released video for the closer 'Luna: The Myth of Sisyphus'.


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