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Saint Agnes preview new mini-album with 'Repent'

Having already stunned us with their brilliant 2019 debut album 'Welcome To Silvertown' and follow up EP 'The Family Strange' last year, Saint Agnes are now back to their best as they preview their new mini-album with this brilliant new single 'Repent'.

Lifted from their forthcoming collection 'VAMPIRE', which is out on the 26th March via Death Or Glory Gang Records, 'Repent' shows the band in renewed form. Filled with their usual blend of high-energy riffs and blistering pace, their return is warming appreciated.

Speaking about the new track, singer Kitty A Austen said, “Repent is a song born of rage. It’s the story of a fallen angel hell bent on revenge and retribution, and was inspired by being sick to death of people in positions of power getting away with nasty shit again and again and again. I think most people feel it, you look around and it seems like the ‘bad guy’ is always winning so the song is a blood-thirsty revenge fantasy about righting injustice.”

Watch the new video for 'Repent' below.


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