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Sacha Mullin - 'Casino Wilderness Period'

When emerging artist Sacha Mullin released his breakthrough debut album 'Duplex' in 2017, he was seen as one of the more exciting names emerging that year. With a fresh and tantalising aesthetic that perfectly complimented his shimmering vocals, he stood as a true innovator arriving on the new music scene. And now the Chicago native is looking to do it all again on his vibrant new LP 'Casino Wilderness Period', a record brimming with tantalising textures throughout.

Bringing back more of that soulful edge that has proven such a winning formula over the years, 'Casino Wilderness Period' is a strong and expressive return to form for the enigmatic frontman. With elements of jazz and indie-rock also threaded into the mix as often as possible, his newest outing is this wondrous mix of familiarity and uniqueness, something that many try but few can pull off confidently.

There is so much going on within each of these tracks, it is almost impossible to define it in any conventional way. Sacha Mullin has always had this captivating pursuit within his material to date, but 'Casino Wilderness Period' already feels like a bold step forward within his musical evolution to date, discovering and adopting new ideas that truly highlight his compelling songwriting throughout.


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