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Sabreen Islam - 'still love you'

Photo: Fabressa Iqram

After already delighting us with a warm and inviting array of releases throughout the last year, Auckland-based singer-songwriter Sabreen Islam is looking to kick off her 2023 in jovial style as she unveils the shimmering new single 'still love you'.

Still honing that sweet and alluring folk-pop aesthetic she is quickly earning a reputation for, 'still love you' makes for a wonderfully light and uplifting listen. With her smooth and atmospheric voice layered across a sprawled and glittering production from start to finish, she is continuing to find new and interesting ways to captivate us here.

While she has certainly made a solid impact thanks to a run of releases these last few months, 'still love you' shows she still has plenty of inventive flair burning within her. With such an embracing approach to her sound, she is already one of our favourite names for the year ahead.


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