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Rye Catchers - 'Creeping On Me'

Having already cemented themselves with a wealth of riveting releases these last few years, US outfit Rye Catchers return once again to deliver their vibrant new single 'Creeping On Me'.

Honing a wonderful fun and uplifting 80s-inspired aesthetic for their newest gem, 'Creeping On Me' makes for a wonderful broad and shimmering listen. With its bright and soaring textures, explosive atmosphere, and compelling vocals layered throughout, they are continuing their pursuit of rich and passionate aesthetics here.

While this new outing arrives after what has already been an extremely busy period for them, 'Creeping On Me' shows that they still have plenty of fresh and interesting ideas in which to explore. With such a firm and focused approach to their sound throughout, we can't wait to hear where they plan to take their sound next.


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