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Rubber - 'Fries & Wings'

Photo: Luke O'Brien

After spending the last few years unveiling a wealth of rich and captivating offerings, Philadelphia-based duo Rubber return once again with the sweet and seductive new single 'Fries & Wings'.

Channelling a warm and shimmering 90s R&B aesthetic and remodelling it for a modern ear, 'Fries & Wings' makes for a beautifully alluring listen. Keeping the production as smooth and sultry as possible, not to mention the incredible vocal performance layered throughout, these two have a brilliantly inviting sound that really hits the spot.

While the pair have been consistently delivering a batch of single efforts throughout the last year, it feels like 'Fries & Wings' could become the beginning of something bigger altogether. With such a easy-going feel laced throughout their newest delight, it feels like we are going to be hearing a lot more from these two very soon.


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