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Ross Freedman - 'My Enemy'

After establishing himself with a wealth of bold and dynamic delights over the past decade, Chicago-based artist Ross Freedman is back to his vibrant best once again as he delivers his wondrous new EP 'My Enemy'.

Capturing more of that bright and uplifting pop-rock aesthetic he is known for, this new four-track collection makes for an incredibly fun and enjoyable listen. Filled with bold and driven textures, a soaring atmosphere, and his own shimmering voice at the helm, 'My Enemy' continues his ascent as one of the more exciting names doing the rounds today.

While his output hasn't been as prolific in recent years, 'My Enemy' shows that he is still brimming with fresh and interesting ideas in which to explore. With such a firm and confident grasp over his direction throughout, he is definitely one to keep an eye on for the months ahead as well.

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