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Robert Vendetta - 'Vendetta Del Disco'

When Norwegian artist Robert Vendetta returned near the beginning of 2023 with his stunning comeback single 'Vacation', it was clear he was working towards something very special. And as the months and singles rolled out throughout last year, he quickly became one of the more talked-about names doing the rounds. And with the buzz still very much floating around, he now looks to cement this era within his tenure with the vibrant new album 'Vendetta Del Disco', a wildly fun and diverse new record.

Much like what his repertoire has showcased over the years, 'Vendetta Del Disco' makes for a brilliantly broad and imaginative listen. Described as "a musically diverse concept album about finding the meaning in life", this new collection finds Robert Vendetta in one of his most elaborate guises yet. Brimming with this air of self-confidence and innovation at every turn, he seems to be having the time of his life across this new outing.

While there has hardly been a moment in which Robert Vendetta hasn't hit the spot, 'Vendetta Del Disco' shows that he is still brimming with plenty of adventurous spirit from start to finish. Never boring or conventional, he shines brighter than ever with this new release.


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