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Rich Jacques - 'Everything Must Change' EP

Photo: Renee Stahl Dektor

After delighting us with a vibrant array of sweet and soaring gems these last few years, LA-based singer-songwriter and Grammy winning producer Rich Jacques has now returned to unveil his heartfelt new EP 'Everything Must Change'.

Offering up more of his bold and dynamic approach to the pop-rock sound, 'Everything Must Change' sees him place his heart and emotions very much on his sleeve. With his light and buoyant voice floating across a light and airy flurry of uplifting cuts, he is certainly providing the perfect soundtrack for these warming summer days.

While fans of his material will be no stranger to his work over the years, there is still something wonderfully fresh and inventive about 'Everything Must Change'. With such a strong and solid grasp over his aesthetic and songwriting, he whisks us away with almost every moment throughout this glorious six-track collection.


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