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Rachael Sage - 'Deepest Dark'

After seeing out what was an incredibly prolific 2023 with her highly-praised studio album 'The Other Side', New York's Rachael Sage recently returned once again to highlight one of the record's more emotive outings, 'Deepest Dark'.

Now accompanied by a beautifully rich and cinematic official video, directed by Lee Malone, 'Deepest Dark' stands as one of the more heartfelt additions in her recent catalogue. With her sweet and supple voice layered across a shimmering piano-led production from start to finish, she certainly looks to serenade us with this wistful new ode.

While last year was an extremely busy time for the artist, 'Deepest Dark' shows that she still takes careful time and effort with her songwriting. With such an immersive aesthetic threaded throughout, we can't wait to hear what she has planned for 2024 as well.


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