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Qeeran - 'GIVE AND TAKE'

Photo: Jesse Peterson

Following on from a wealth of warm and enchanting delights these last few years, Australian artist Qeeran is looking to continue his vibrant ascent as he delivers the dreamy new single 'GIVE AND TAKE'.

Capturing more of that smooth and alluring R&B-inspired aesthetic he has built for himself over the years, 'GIVE AND TAKE' makes for a wonderfully inviting listen. With his warm and tender vocals layered across a soaring production from start to finish, he is returning with one of his most heartfelt efforts to date.

While his output to date has been a strong blend of raw and emotionally-charged gems, 'GIVE AND TAKE' shows that he remains brimming with sweet and infectious ideas in which to pursue. With such a strong and confident grasp over his sound, he is definitely one to keep a firm eye on for the future.


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