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Proklaim - 'POPPIN'

After what has already been an incredibly busy and prolific period for the emerging artist, Namibian rapper Proklaim isn't ready to slow down just yet as he returns with his vibrant new single 'POPPIN'.

Bringing back more of that electrifying hip-hop aesthetic he has been cultivating lately, 'POPPIN' makes for an incredibly bold and driven return to form. With his passionate vocal flow oozing with fresh and captivating lyricism from start to finish, he continues his ascent as one of the more impactful additions on today's new music scene.

Although there has hardly been a moment for Proklaim to catch his breath between releases, 'POPPIN' proves he is still very much on top of his creative game. Brimming with a pulsing energy throughout, we can't wait to hear what else he has in store for us next.


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