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Proklaim - 'BAD TING'

After an incredibly prolific run of releases these last few months, Namibian rapper Proklaim is proving he is still very much on top of his creative game as he returns with the shimmering new single 'BAD TING'.

Offering up more of those smooth and alluring hip-hop-inspired aesthetics he is known for, 'BAD TING' makes for a beautifully rich and illuminating listen. Harnessing his fresh and driven flow to glide across a sweeping production at every turn, he keeps the vibes high across this mesmerising new delight.

While there has hardly been a moment in which he hasn't been pushing his sound further and further recently, 'BAD TING' still manages to make a lasting impact on his ever-growing catalogue. With such a proficient approach to his sound once again, he is already sounding like one of the more impactful names for the year ahead as well.


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