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Pomona Park - 'Pillow Talk'

Photo: Jack Whitelegg

After breaking through with their impressive initial offerings 'Bothered' and 'Overdrink' in recent months, Manchester-based outfit Pomona Park look to continue their upward ascent with their vibrant new single 'Pillow Talk'.

Bringing back more of that fresh and euphoric indie-rock aesthetic they are quickly earning a reputation for, 'Pillow Talk' makes for a brilliantly infectious listen. Filled with broad and anthemic textures, a sweeping atmosphere, and killer vocals layered throughout, they are continuing their rise as one of the more exciting new names on the scene right now.

While they have only just begun their journey, it is clear that Pomona Park are brimming with rich and enticing ideas. With such a strong and confident grasp over their direction of late, we can't wait to hear where they take their sound next.


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