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PolSky - 'Rainbow Road'

After establishing themselves on the scene with a flurry of innovative releases these last few years, London-based outfit PolSky look to highlight their recently unveiled debut album 'Executive Functions' with the shimmering focus track 'Rainbow Road'.

Capturing more of that fresh and inventive synth-based indie-rock they have championed since their earliest beginnings, 'Rainbow Road' makes for an incredibly rich and mesmerising listen. As the final entry on their newest studio full-length, this new offering caps off what has already been an incredibly adventurous time for the four-piece.

While they have certainly developed a fresh and electrifying style over these last few years, 'Rainbow Road' shows that are still brimming with new and interesting ideas once again. With such a fun and vibrant approach to their direction throughout, we can't wait to hear where this journey will take them next.

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