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Pearl Charles - 'Magic Mirror'

As an artist that has tried her hand at a multitude of different ideas over the years, forming groups, duos, and all manner of line-ups before finally landing on a solo venture, Pearl Charles now finally feels at home in her latest guise and now returns with her breezy new album 'Magic Mirror'.

From the very start, it is clear where her influences lie. Opening up with the bright and glittery lead single 'Only For Tonight', a sort of country-tinged tribute to ABBA's 'Dancing Queen', this new full-length aims to bring together her diverse range of interests, which include psych-rock, folk, and disco. And while it mainly holds its own as a warm and shimmering slice of golden warmth, it does suffer from a lack of identity, which gives the record's surprises a duller feel than they should have.

But despite its flaws, 'Magic Mirror' still does its best to fill our hearts with a broad and uplifting texture. Although one for the country fans out there, it has just enough widespread appeal to keep it interesting from start to finish.


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