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Pam Ross - 'Two Shots Of Tequila'

Having already established her sound with a breadth of warm and inviting gems these last few months, US singer-songwriter Pam Ross returns to the fold once again to deliver her vibrant new single 'Two Shots Of Tequila'.

Capturing more of that sweet and immersive folk-pop aesthetic she is quickly earning a reputation for, 'Two Shots Of Tequila' makes for a wonderfully rich and embracing listen. With her bold and mesmerising vocals layered across a shimmering production from start to finish, she is continuing to cement herself as one of the more captivating names on the rise with this one.

While she is still very much in the infancy of her tenure so far, 'Two Shots Of Tequila' shows that she is still brimming with fresh and enticing ideas in which to explore. With such a firm and confident grasp over her direction throughout, we can't wait to hear where she plans to take her distinctive direction next.


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