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After delighting us with a flurry of fresh and exciting pop stunners over the last year, New York-based artist ORI is returning with one of her most enticing offerings to date in the form of 'BACKDOOR'.

Following in the glittering footsteps of her contemporaries Doja Cat and Dua Lipa, 'BACKDOOR' is a wonderfully bright and glossy return to form for the emerging singer. With its bold and bouncing bassline, shimmering production, and her own impactful voice layered throughout, she certainly knows what it takes to create a alluring slice of pop gold.

Things may only just be getting started for ORI, but it is clear that she has a firm grip on her sound so far. There are so many toe-tapping and hip-shaking moments in this new release, they are almost impossible to ignore. Definitely one to keep an eye on for the future.


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