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Ollie Twohill - 'Washed Away'

Photo: Jay Penfold

Following from his impressive run of releases these last few years, fast-rising Australian artist Ollie Twohill is looking to keep the vibes high on his latest sweeping single 'Washed Away'.

Conjuring more of that bold and euphoric pop-rock direction he has become synonymous with of late, 'Washed Away' makes for a brilliantly rich and uplifting listen. With his sweet and passionate voice layered across a soaring production from start to finish, he is kicking off his new year with one of his most explosive offerings to date.

While he has certainly cemented himself with a wealth of dynamic delights recently, 'Washed Away' still manages to stand out within his glittering repertoire throughout. With a strong and confident grasp over his sound and songwriting, he is definitely one worth keeping a strong eye on for the months ahead as well.


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