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Norine Braun - 'Journey Towards Wholeness'

Throughout the last three decades, Vancouver-based singer-songwriter Norine Braun has always looked to develop a rich and explorative angle in which to pursue. With a delicate and humbled approach to the country-folk sound, she has managed to create this beautifully moving aesthetic, elevated by her own riveting vocal performance on every release. And with a new year dawning in her illustrious career, she returns with her eagerly-awaited new album 'Journey Towards Wholeness'.

Continuing to venture down those smooth and bluesy avenues she has already set for herself, her latest endeavour marks one of her most passionate and captivating releases to date. Creating this wonderfully refined and soulful groove to get swept away in, 'Journey Towards Wholeness' sits as a true gem within her tenure to date. With each track its own personal moment on the record, she heightens her already immersive identity with style and aplomb here.

While her reputation for spellbinding works has been well catalogued, 'Journey Towards Wholeness' feels like the beginnings of something new for her to explore. With a more expansive and eclectic vision throughout, Norine Braun continues her ascent as one of the more compelling names doing the rounds right now.


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