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Nicky Lipp - 'One Of These Days'

Having already impressed countless fans across his Scottish homeland with a flurry of live performances of late, emerging artist Nicky Lipp is now looking to bring his vibrant sound to farther shores with the upbeat new single 'One Of These Days'.

Capturing a heady dose of bright and bouncing pop production throughout, 'One Of These Days' makes for a wonderfully fun and enjoyable listen. With his own shimmering vocals riding a bed of toe-tapping piano and sparkling drums, he is cementing himself as a glittering addition to the new music scene right now.

While things are only just getting started for the emerging artist, Nicky Lipp is already showcasing some brilliantly infectious ideals here. With such a fresh and buoyant approach to his sound, we can't wait to hear what he comes back with next.


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